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Love Living Lean – New Year Nourish – Pay Upfront

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What you can expect of the SILVER LLL Nourish Program:

  • The SILVER program is for you if you need nutrition specific support, motivation and accountability (without the exercise component). It’s for you if you want to LEARN while you do. You will join the amazing LLL community and have access to Leanne and Angie and the entire tribe for the whole 8 weeks and be able to access all the blogs and videos they post on the topics below.
  • The SILVER program has ALL of the following (the content is drip fed so we can support you weekly and answer questions week by week to help you make small, sustainable changes long term). Releasing all the content at once is too overwhelming as you have so much to learn and do!
    • 8 x weekly whole food meal plans completely adaptable to your personal preferences (GF, DF, Vegetarian available). Note: you get a new meal plan every week!
    • 48 Real, whole food recipes that are family friendly and are partner and toddler approved
    • Signature SOUL FOOD plan with your favourite foods so you never feel deprived!
    • 7 nutrition exchange lists (carbs, fat, protein, fruit, nuts, vegetables and additional foods) to personalise your meal plans to your own personal preferences
    • Hydration guide
    • Weekly meal planner to help successful menu planning
    • Health progress tracker
    • Daily access to our experts in our private online group
    • Weekly email with inspiration and goal setting to assist with personal growth and overcoming challenges
  • As part of the SILVER AND GOLD programs you also have access to:
    • 5 videos covering the following:
      • Week 1: Foundations of Health, Habits, Routines and Meal Prep & How to Meal Plan using the LLL Website and Exchange Lists
      • Week 2: Non-Hungry and Emotional Eating
      • Week 4: Energy Balance
      • Week 6: Macros, Micros, Alcohol and Wholefoods
      • Week 8: Social Eating and Intermittent Fasting
    • Weekly meal planner to help successful menu planning
    • Weekly email with inspiration and goal setting to assist with personal growth and overcoming challenges.
    • Entire access to the member platform to view ALL content as it is updated every week
    • 24/7 access to a private, supportive FaceBook community page managed by qualified Sports Dietitians, qualified nutritionists and an Exercise Physiologist.
    • 24/7 access to a private, supportive Members Forum page (on the website) managed by qualified Sports Dietitians, qualified nutritionists and an Exercise Physiologist.
    • Lifelong nutrition habits to take with you that make the biggest impact on results well after the finish
    • How to enjoy and manage weekend, social eating and holiday eating to reduce over eating and guilt associated food behaviours.
    • The latest up to date education on fat loss science – what actually works from two experts in the industry!

What you can expect of the GOLD LLL Nourish Program:

  • In the GOLD Program, you get ALL OF THE SILVER CONTENT + the inclusion of a home based exercise program.
  • You also get 24/7 access to our exercise physiologist, personal trainer and sports nutritionist to ask any questions related to your training along the way.
  • The exercise program consists of:
    • 8 x weekly workout plans designed by an expert Exercise Physiologist & personal trainer in the below format:
    • 3 specific 45-60min home based workouts every week following the below structure and accessible via a private password encoded free phone app to download at the start of every week with video tutorials for each exercise.
    • Preparation (5-10min) – Mobility and specific activation for the workout of the day.
    • Strength (10-15min) – The focus here is to make you structurally strong and increase muscle activation with sets ranging from 3 – 5 and reps ranging from 5 – 15.
    • Supplementary Strength (10mins) – During this section of the workout we are aiming to “iron out” any left to right or front to back muscle imbalances by using single leg/arm exercises that challenges stability in each side. There will also be a core and anti-rotational core (abs and obliques) focus.
    • Conditioner/Finisher (10-15min) – The goal in the section is to increase your heart rate, get you sweaty and improve your fitness and fat burning capabilities. A general conditioner will be 3-5 exercises with target reps and rounds to achieve in a certain time period.

When does Love Living Lean Nourish Start?

Sign up for Love Living Lean New Year Nourish opens on 21 December 2019. The program officially starts on 4 January 2020 and the first week of content will be available then (the program doesn’t actually start until that Monday but we make all the content available on Saturday 4 January in order to give you ladies time to meal prep and read through everything, ask questions etc). We prefer all our ladies to start together as what really gives us success at the end of the day is the constant motivation and support from our tribe and knowing that you are following this journey with the entire LLL team! We therefore drip feed the content week by week so everyone is in the same week and progressing along the same journey and no body gets left behind. Please feel free to email us any questions: info@lovelivinglean.com.au

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