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    Hello there 🙂

    I was looking at your additional foods under nutrition resources page and wondering if green tea and kombucha fall under beverages.. and how many cups allowed, just one?


    Leanne Ward

    Hi lovely, unlimited green tea/herbal tea as long as it’s unsweetened with no milk. Kombucha is a funny one as some brands have minimal calories but some brands have added sugar. Perhaps if your brand uses a natural sweetener such as stevia then 250mls or 1 cup/ day would be ok. Try not to have too much as many people can feel quite bloated/ full from the bubbles/ carbonation. Look for a kombucha with no artificial sweeteners (only natural like stevia or monk fruit). Water & unsweetened herbal tea are your number one fluids and are unlimited! 🙂



    Thank you 😊😊

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