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    Hi Leanne,

    I can’t find reduced fat ricotta cheese at the supermarkets. What can I use instead for your recipes, which has nearly the same taste? I would love to try your banana-ricotta-bread in the morning or the broccolini chickpea recipe from this week…

    Thanks a lot, Janina


    Leanne Ward

    Hi Janina, it’s stocked in the majority of major supermarkets but sorry you couldn’t find it! You could try either just using full cream ricotta (just use slightly less maybe 20% less for calorie control) – probably the best option taste wise or try substituting with low fat cottage cheese (same amount as ricotta) or low fat cream cheese (a little less amount as cream cheese is higher calorie). Cheers, Leanne


    Janine Yuasa

    Hi Leanne,

    On a related note, can you recommend a dairy-free replacement for the ricotta and cottage cheeses? I’ve been using soy or coconut yogurt instead but not sure if that would be really appropriate. Also, a lot of the dairy-free cheeses are made from coconut oil and the nutritional profile would be quite different from normal cheese (e.g. when subbing in for “low fat cheddar cheese” or mini Babybels). Any suggestions for swaps for those?

    Thanks in advance. I should have asked this far earlier, considering we’re now up to week 12 (11 for me having started a week later).



    Hi Janine!

    Silken tofu is your closest texturally for a dairy-free replacement of ricotta. Coconut yoghurt is higher in fat so a serve would be considered as a “fats exchange” option. Soy yoghurt is a direct 1:1 replacement for the cows yoghurt, however we do you recommend the high protein strained yoghurt in most of our recipes so I would say add 10g of protein powder to the soy yoghurt to make the equivalent nutritionally. Vegan cheese is pretty similar to the fat content of normal cheeses so you can use this as a “fats option” or you can leave it out, no problem and choose a different snack from the list instead. Hope this helps!

    Ange xx


    Janine Yuasa

    Hi Ange,

    Thanks for that info – very useful. I’ll try subbing in the silken tofu in the recipes that call for ricotta or cottage cheese. I’ve only become mildly dairy intolerant relatively recently so it’s been tough trying to avoid cheese in particular, which I love. I’ve been eating the Babybels though because those are one of the cheeses I love, so it’s an extra special treat for me. 😛

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