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    I almost never eat breakfast as I work out on a fasted stomach. I am usually done with my workouts around 10.30am and have a protein shake.
    Is it ok to skip the breakfast and have my protein shake? Or would you suggest to have the breakfast after the workout and skip the shake?


    I would suggest you skip the shake and have your breakfast as your recovery – there is all your recovery nutrients in there and you can save the powder to put into your breakfast of you like – a few of our recipes ask for it so you will be fine 🙂

    Fasted training is fine as long as your session doesn’t requiring a high intensity output, see how your workouts go as you get fitter and stronger you should allow for some sessions to be done in a depleted state and other more key sessions can be done with some available carbohydrate as this will increase your performance.

    Ange x


    Hi Ange

    Thanks for the reply. I’ll do that.
    I am training for a marathon and so far I did fairly well without food. I also tried to eat before a run but it didnt feel right. Once I am back to my usual workout I’ll be able to have breakfast before my workout more regularly.
    Looking forward to exploring all your great recipes and resources.


    Hi Andrea!

    Marathoner how awesome!! Ok so definitely don’t have a full BF before an AM session, only for key sessions (tempo/pace/threshold) have a piece of fruit (small banana or 1 fresh date) 30min prior +/- a mostly black coffee if you like – its enough to give you a kick start and get you pumping through the session! The long runs start empty, but you should be aiming for 15-30g carb every hour – this will make you faster!!! xx

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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