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    Hi. I know on the plan it states clearly about snacks being or not being interchangeable. And I seem to remember ( but can’t find it) a question about the meals….so my questionuestion is can we still have breakfasts and lunches from previous week’s this week? Or have the nutritional composition chabged?


    I am also interested in this as I have a number of meals in the freezer to use up. I read on the final page of the meal plan we can continue to sub in previous weeks dinner recipes, I guess I want clarification as to whether it’s ok to use the breakfasts and lunches from previous weeks and also if the previous dinners are ok for lunch?


    Hi Girls!

    Yes entirely feel free to interchange ALL the Breakfasts from every week.
    You can also interchange the Dinners + Lunches also from previous week too.
    Just don’t sub a Lunch or Dinner for a Breakfast.

    All meals are designed to be interchangeable through the entire program – its the snacks that will vary and training nutrition that will be specific to the weeks in the program.

    We understand there’s no way possible you can be doing the exact meals every week as they get released – its way too much! They’re simply ideas for future rotations so definitely feel free to use what you have left over – thats the plan!

    Hope that clarifies x Ange


    Awesome, thank you so much for your response, definitely clarifies everything for me. I have been loving the recipes and love having meals in the freezer ready to go when necessary.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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