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    Leanne Ward

    Hi beautiful ladies,

    I just wanted to quickly pop down a few points for everyone:
    – If you read someone else’s post and know the answer – please respond to it (we have an incredible volume of questions to get through especially in the FB group & sometimes it might take us a day to respond so if you know the answer – please jump in & help someone out 👏🏼
    – If you do not like a food or ingredients please just remove it & sub it with something else (use the exchange lists under nutrition resources) – you don’t have to ask us if this is ok – it’s literally why we gave you the exchange lists 👊🏼🤣
    – We EXPECT you to add as much colourful free veggies into every meal as possible. Even if the recipe doesn’t say so – please go ahead & add as much colourful veggies/ salad as you can. This provides more fibre, vitamins & minerals! We count all veggies/ salad as FREE (you can eat as much as you like) as long as it’s not a starchy veg. Eg. Every vegetable/ salad is free game unless it’s potato, sweet potato or corn (these are all carbohydrates). Frozen veggies are just as good as fresh veggies too! I have a pack of frozen ‘winter’ veggies in my freezer and I add them to everything! It’s got carrot, beans, broccoli & cauliflower in it 👊🏼🙌🏼
    – SOUL FOOD should only be eaten a few times a week – if it’s not in the list have a small amount of it & truly savour it & eat it mindfully (more to come on this or consider purchasing my ebook on emotional eating & beating cravings! Tag me & I’ll send you the link). If you feel you ‘NEED’ soul food more than once or twice a week I highly recommend you purchase my ebook (only $19.99!) and this will help you SO much and teach you that you don’t ‘NEED’ it anywhere need as much as you think you do!
    – A few have commented that the meal plan is a lot of food. Please follow the plan – we are EXPERTS in this area & we have 12 weeks to transform you ladies (not a few days 🤣) & hard work takes TIME & consistency – we are building a strong foundation first! 🔥💪🏼
    – Remember to check your emails every Sunday (Australian time) as we send the weekly inspiration & goal setting out in the emails & it’s a key to your success in the program. Please ensure you take 15-20 minutes to do this every Sunday to set yourself up for success 👏🏼
    – Remember there is SO much content coming in the following 3 months so if you have questions that you feel we didn’t answer in enough detail – it’s likely because we are teaching you this in the coming weeks
    – You will get new recipes every week but as the weeks build you can go back & use recipes you loved too. So say you’re not a fan of any of the lunch options in week 5, go back to the week 2 option you loved & choose that! You can also eat the lunch option for dinner & vice versa. All the main meals are interchangeable throughout the day!

    That’s it from me, hope you enjoyed my novel 🤣 Let’s get it ladies! Here’s to day 2 👊🏼💃🏼🔥💦 Love & Health, Leanne x

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