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    Hi, I just started Round 3 & the quantities of food are quite large & I feel really full & no snacks required. I’m a smaller frame & quite healthy already & exercise HIIT 3-4 days a week & have been for a few years. I joined to get variety in my diet & increase my veggie & protein intake & maintain my weight. Are quantities meant to be the same for everyone no matter what size you are?

    Leanne Ward

    Hi Natasha, No, we want you ladies to learn to listen to your body, we had this discussion on Facebook group yesterday so I will re-post it hear for you too 🙂 If you are feeling full, eat all the main meals throughout the day as a top priority (if you can’t finish a main meal, save the left overs as a snack 2-3 hours later). If the main meals each day are enough, stop there (the main meals provide the most nutrition/vitamins/minerals). If some days your exercise is heavy or more intense or you feel more hungry, prioritise the pre and post nutrition next (or as snacks). Finally, if still hungry, add the snacks each day. So always eat the main meals then the priority is the training nutrition and then the snacks in that order. Hopefully this makes sense. Leanne x



    This is often the case so don’t be worried! What you have done is fantastic, start with splitting up your 3 main meals and don’t worry about the snacks. You are active so you will need the 3 main meals – the large volume is due to the higher veg and protein count to support your training and health so don’t be concerned it’s higher than normal in energy, it is what you need as a minimum for great nutrients. As you get fitter/stronger you might notice your appetite increases and you can allow for snacks as the weeks progress. Use your hunger to dictate this as you move forward through the program – trust the process but of course if you physically cant finish the meals, stop them come back to finish them a little later.

    Ang x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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