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    Hi Ladies,
    Are there any tweaks to the program required for those of us who are breastfeeding?


    Hi lovely! This is really individual – there are actually no recommendations specifically for the amount a breast feeding mother needs as your baby & exercise volume will decide this! What I have done in the past is to be a little more intuitive with your hunger and look at your bub’s feeding pattern – if you are not getting any sleep and your bub is cluster feeding then I would say you need an extra snack – start with the meal plan as written and just gauge your energy levels by end of week, if you need more then up your snacks but ensure your meals are complete before resorting to more snacks if you can. Other than this, if you have no problems with lactose / cows milk protein then theres no need to adjust the meal plan – the only thing I would limit is your caffeine intake to <200mg/day as the transferal rate through breastmilk might keep bub awake and irratable and no alcohol consumption at least 3 hours around breastfeeding - use expressed milk if you want a soul food wine!! Keep you water intake up as this contributes to volume of breastmilk and you are losing water with breastfeeding so this is important. Check your iron and folate status if you're concerned but eating from the plan meals you will be getting a wonder abundance of nutrients for you growing baby and your breast milk will change depending on your baby's needs - how cool!! You're also doing wonders for increasing the variety of your child's palette early on which hopefully means less fussy toddlers 🙂 xx

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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