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Leanne Ward

Hi lovely, I’ll jump in to answer your questions 🙂 The recipe for bliss balls is where the other recipes are kept (it’s the last recipe after the dinner ones). We will be providing home made treat recipes (one per week) so by the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll have plenty of options! There are quite a few snacks this week so try to stick to the snacks we’ve given you rather than baking too much. We don’t recommend you have extra’s after dinner (if you’ve already eaten your two snacks for the day). The meal plans on Leanne’s pages are only ideas but the way we have set this meal plan out is different – we haven’t really allowed for snacks after dinner (we want to break the habit that women eat something ‘sweet’ after dinner) – you shouldn’t be hungry after dinner. If you feel like you need something have a cup of herbal tea of a few fresh or frozen berries. The other alternative is to skip 1 snack during the day and eat this after dinner instead (so only have 1 snack during the day and have a yoghurt after dinner for example but it’s preferable you don’t eat after dinner as you shouldn’t be hungry. Leanne x