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Leanne Ward

Hi there,
Thanks for your questions. If you don’t want to use the almond milk in the green smoothie, just use cold water instead, the almond milk won’t keep you satisfied any longer than cold water so the water is fine as long as you keep the other ingredients. The dark chocolate (>70%) is considered a snack option and not your soul food. If you wanted milk or another type of chocolate then we would count that as your snack option. We want you to rotate your snacks every day so we wouldn’t expect you to eat the athlete’s chocolate every day anyway. If you can’t eat the snack as you are simply too full, just skip it for the night (it’s most important to listen to your body) – it’s ok to do this for one night but aim to eat the main meals + snacks in the plan on most days if you can. Hope this helps, Leanne x