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Hi dc_talker3!

I understand your concern, but theres no need to worry! To start with, you are correct in that in you are exercising you need a great base to cover your MICRO’s which is how we should be eating everyday as a base just for GOOD HEALTH (we know that most people – 4% of the population in fact! actually aren’t even hitting this so start with – then you add exercise and you have even more heightened needs)… the balance of all the recipes ensures you are covering your MACRO’s and has a buffer in there to account for difference amount of lean muscle mass (this is 0.8-2g/kgBM), so unless you’re under 40kg or over 120kg, you will be covered – eating more than this (in our experience) will be hard with all the other foods you need to have.

How you modify this for your individual needs are:
1. Choose the foods that appeal to you (your preferences) in the amounts stated.
2. Hit your BF, Lunch and Dinner + training nutrition first without adding snacks to your day. See how you feel before you assume its too much. If when you’re eating these meals you can’t finish them then stop, and finish them off 1-3hours later. You definitely need to get in BF, Lunch and Dinner everyday but only training nutrition when you train at a reasonably high intensity (i.e. not walking).
3. As you get fitter and your appetite increases you might find it easier to get the food in and then you might feel hungry. Now is the time to add in your snacks in-between the meals.
4. If after adding all your snacks and meals in, then the next thing we do is choose the UPPER end of the carbohydrate listed i the dinner portion guide (which can also double up as your lunch portion too).

The 12 weeks will deliver new meal plans every week and we will be scaling up and down the macros of snacks to account for holiday flexibility and also as you get leaner but the main meals will be similar to hit energy and protein as a consistent. If you follow the above guide you will intuitively be eating for your personal needs – if you find you aren’t getting the results you anticipated, then let us know when you hit a road block and we can offer personal advice to you as to how to change things up. Just a note on mindset – if you’re worried about something before starting or experiencing it… stop to refocus where you attention is. Our previous experience will shape your belief. Most of the time the diet industry wants to take food away rather than nourishing the base so we are conditioned to believe this is how we get a result. If you focus on how this food can enhance your energy, health and performance – your body will tell you if theres something not right and your body composition will take care of itself! Look out for our education session on fatloss science in the coming weeks and thanks for bringing this up its super important! x