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Leanne Ward

Hi Hannah, LLL is all about independence and individuality. There’s no set “meal plan” as such. We have given you 6 different recipes for week 1 and then you’ll receive 6 more in week 2 and 6 more in week 3 etc. There is a huge snack list to choose from and also a great “build your own plate” to make any meal you please/ use up any ingredients you have in the fridge. We want you ladies to personalise your own meal plan so choose meals/ snacks and build you own meals based on your own taste/ preferences/family etc. You may feel slightly “under whelmed” by the small amount of recipes this week but trust me, by the end of the program, you’ll have 48 brand new recipes which is your own cook book! We drip feed the recipes each week so they are not too over whelming for people. We encourage a bit of meal prep so pick a lunch or dinner recipe and make 2-4 portions of this for the week and this will save you plenty of time and money during the week and make it easier to make great choices when you are tired after work etc. If you are not a fan of meal prep or eating the same thing for 2 days, use the “build your plate guide” to make your own recipes but in the correct portions. Hope this answers your question. Leanne 🙂