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Leanne Ward

Hi there, you can plan an entire week of meals if you like or you can just make them each night – it’s dependent on your lifestyle. I personally like to prep food for 3-4 days in advance but no more so this means that I prep twice a week (once on Sunday and again on Wednesday night). No the food exchange lists are literally to exchange the things you don’t like ie. if the meal plan has a banana sub it for another piece of fruit. Or if the meal plan has beef and you don’t like it, sub it for another protein. The food exchange lists are not to be eaten as ‘extra’ food (unless you are truly starving if you perhaps do a tremendous amount of exercise?). If you don’t like fruit or dairy – just choose other snack listed. If fruit or dairy is in the recipe then you can just choose another recipe or omit it if you prefer. Hope this answers your question 🙂