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Leanne Ward

Hi Jade, we are so happy to have you on board! The things our clients tell us about 6/8 week challenges like you mentioned from the f45 one is that they are too restrictive and lead to over eating/ binge eating on the weekend (NOT what we want!). The LLL program has a focus on whole foods (yes we eat bread, dairy and occasionally wine & steak too!) but overall we use REAL food to FUEL our bodies LONGTERM! When you ‘allow’ yourself to eat ‘soul’ foods as we like to call them (chocolate, wine etc) this leads to your body learning to appreciate small amounts of it to make your soul happy and removes you from that restrictive/ binge cycle people tend to get caught up in. We are so happy you are on board with us and we cannot wait to start this weekend and teach you ladies so much valuable content in the coming months! Leanne x