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Leanne Ward

Hi Talia,
Great question! If fat loss is your true goal, we recommend pre-training nutrition to get the maximum results out of your session – pre-training nutrition means you will be able to push harder in your session and lift stronger/run faster etc. If your training is just cardio or a light workout such as yoga – no pre-training nutrition is needed and you can do your exercise fasted but if you are doing a HIIT session (eg. f45 or 9 round) or a strength based session with weights or you’re trying to achieve a new PB such as a running goal – please have your pre-training nutrition and after your workout you can skip the post training snack as long as you have a meal (eg. breakfast) within an hour of working out. If you’re not a fan of the pre-training nutrition listed in the week 1 plan, you can also have 1 medjool date, 1/2 cup juice mixed with 1/2 cup water, 1-2 lolly snakes or 1-2 rice cakes spread with honey/maple syrup. I personally find at 5am, the easiest thing to get down is 1 medjool date + a few sips of coffee. Hope this helps, Leanne x