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Leanne Ward

Hello, it’s designed for all active women to follow for weight loss as a base plan. We want our ladies starting on higher calories to have a really great foundation to pull from when we start active fat loss phase in a few weeks. We find too many women are eating too low calories which is causing them to overeat/binge later in the day so in the first few weeks we want to fill you up on as many delicious whole foods as possible so you learn what true hunger is and what emotional hunger is etc. If you are someone who is quite short (perhaps 5ft) or not exercising at the moment (perhaps injured etc), start with the 3 main meals a day (then prioritise pre and post training nutrition if exercising) and then only if still hungry – eat 1-2 snacks on top of this a day. Listen to your hungry levels – some days you will feel hungrier than others (especially if exercising) and other days you might not need any snacks. We want to teach our ladies to learn to eat intuitively so before every meals or snack – ask yourself if you are truly hungry or if you are just thirsty instead or bored/stressed or emotional. The base plan is the same for everyone but it’s up to you to listen to your body and see how much it needs each day. Hope this helps! Leanne x