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Leanne Ward

Hi Hayley, So sorry, I replied to this but I can see that it didn’t go through now. For round 2, the recipes will be the same (founders will get one new recipe each week – so 12 new ones to add to their collection by the end of round 2) and the exercise programming will be different however. The reason we kept the nutrition the same is that no one has possibly made all 120 recipes or stuck strictly to the plans throughout the 12 weeks (so we want everyone to go back and re-start it again & make new recipes this time) and there is also no way we can create another 120 recipes from scratch for the cheap price of the founding memberships ($29.99 for nutrition for 3 months) – recipe creation is very expensive and the cost of the founding membership does not cover the cost of 120 new recipes + their ingredients and multiple tests each recipe needs. The membership is really around continued support from myself and Angie and access to two qualified experts which would cost upwards of $300 per consult if you were to see us privately. So in short, no to nutrition (but you get 1 new recipe each week) and yes to exercise programming (you’ll get access to a new app if you choose GOLD founding members). Hope that answers your question. Leanne x