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Leanne Ward

Hi Belinda,

If you train first thing in the morning then you have two options 1) no IF at all, train normally and have a meal within 1 hour of training or 2) your IF window needs to be ~14 hours before your training session, so you would need to finish eating at around 5pm if you train early (then your first meal would be around 7am after training). Once you train (weights or high intensity), you need food within an hour so don’t hold off till 10am.

Most women who can only train early in the morning likely won’t enjoy fasting and we recommend just trying IF on days you only do cardio or rest days (So most people should be able to do IF 2-3 times a week).

Your fasting window starts from when you finish eating/drinking that night (water isn’t included). So if you eat dinner at 7pm and finish by 7:30pm, you can fast until 9:30am-11:30am and have your first meal. That would be totally fine, your fasting window should be 14-16 hours (it doesn’t matter what the times look like as long as it’s 14-16 hours total).

Hope that helps, Leanne x