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Hi Lovely!

Thanks so much, its great you’ve recognised your wins! In relation to reducing carb… this is such a personal preference but one that is valid and if you enjoy eating less carbohydrate then I would explore this! If you’re worried you’re not in a deficit (remember the fat loss science vid!) it really doesn’t matter where you create the deficit from if you’re simply trying to lose weight for health (when you consider performance and your life stage + your lifestyle and values then it becomes a little more complex!). Now we have established a solid foundation with nutrients through the first 4 weeks of the program, the next phase of the program will be starting to explore ways we can create deficits without compromising health or performance to elicit a body composition change – so we are shifting gears in week 5 and there is more education around how to eat out for social occasions. Without a proper assessment of your current lifestyle, medical + personal history we simply can’t professionally guide you down removing or reducing one macronutrient until we know more about YOU! Unfortunately the nature of the program doesn’t at this stage allow for this personalised approach (as you can appreciate we do need a full assessment to be recommending fluctuations in major food groups) – this is our clinic speciality but we have had so many ladies really wanting that next level personal approach to nutrition that we are in the process of logistically being able to offer this in the near future! I love how you have answered part of your own question too… part of being a great coach is allowing you to find solutions to your questions but guide you to get there in the direction that will achieve the change that is important to you. Give the program a little more time than 4 weeks… I can promise there is a shift coming that you will notice! Ange x