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Leanne Ward

Hi Gillian… I’d ask you what really is ‘success’?? When you say you haven’t really ‘committed’ I’d encourage you to write this down and what you mean by it. It sounds to me like you have well and truly committed and you are just getting hung up on a few negatives which is driving a negative mindset overall. If you feel like you haven’t been “successful” on weekends, I’d encourage you to make a small list of all the things you have been successful with to date instead (focus on the positives!). Too often we get caught up on the negatives (which might be 10-20%) and forgot about the POSITIVES (usually much higher than the negatives!) It’s a difficult mindset to change but writing things down always helps as you get ‘out of your own head’ and seem to be able to rationalise your thoughts a lot better once they are on paper. The measurements aren’t meant in any way to make you feel ‘bad’ so if you already feel anxious around doing it then I’d recommend not doing it and just focusing on small positive behaviour change day in and day out. Keep working on the weekends/ holidays – the behaviours that you do there likely took months/ years to build up to do – they won’t change over night. Remind yourself of this and keep pushing forward as you are doing so many other amazing things. Remember also that a negative thought process creates negative behaviours. If you keep telling yourself you’re not committed and you keep “struggling with weekends” then I’m sorry but it’ll keep happening. Try to change your thought process around this. Try to say instead “I am learning to be more mindful of my eating on the weekends and am trying my best and AM being successful in some behaviours” It’s a much better thought than the former. Keep going – you’ve got this!! Leanne x