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Leanne Ward

Hi Gillian, a quick google will show you how to convert to cooked weights. As cooked weights are very different depending on how long you cook it for etc we always talk in raw weights as it’s more accurate. Chicken for example can be many different weights once cooked if you over cook it, cook it with sauce, cook it in the oven vs. boiling it etc. Regarding your ‘mindless’ eating – I call it this as you have already identified exactly what you are doing – mindlessly eating in front of the tv. The reason you only need one portion of soul food is that your body actually DOESN’T NEED it (so one if more than enough), it’s just nice for your soul to have. Well done in recognising this is an area for you – please go back to the e book and look at the sections around mindful eating (chapter 7) and do the exercise on page 39. What you need to begin to recognise that when you eat in the way (as per the exercise) – one bite is every bit as delicious and joyful as 10 bites. Eating in front of the tv is not recommended as you are not taking the time to recognise that you are eating a soul food or even taking the time to truly enjoy it. Turn the tv off (we never recommend eating in front of the tv as you become distracted and don’t get to enjoy your food) and eat your food using the exercise on page 39. Trust me when I say if you do this every time you eat a soul food – just 1 serving is MORE than enough. The first time I ever did this exercise it took me 5 minutes to eat a mini packet of chips and I have never ever needed more than just a mini packet since then (this exercise was life changing for me!). When we rush through life and become distracted, our attention goes elsewhere and we feel like we need more and more of things as we are not taking the time to focus on and enjoy the small amount we have. Please turn the tv off, open the ebook to page 39 and practise this way of eating mindfully. We recommend all soul food is eaten with mindful eating in mind and not infront of the tv. Hope this helps, Leanne x