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Leanne Ward

Also, try to remember that ‘soul foods’ are small amounts of your favourite foods they are not a ‘cheat day’ or a ‘cheat meal’. You did a great job but I feel like you may not perhaps understand what a soul food is suppose to do. Please take the time to go back and re-read the soul food handout. Soul foods REPLACE snacks and are NOT meals. So you ate breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. You had multiple ‘soul food’ serves in your dinner so you should have removed your snack at afternoon tea. 1 soul food = 1 slice of pizza OR 1 glass of wine. If you did 3 pizza & 3 wine you ate 6 serves of soul foods. We try and only have 2-3 serves max a WEEK and also try not to combine soul foods together. If you have pizza, skip the wine – if you have a glass of wine, eat a healthy dinner instead of pizza. I hope this makes sense. The reason we don’t want you combining ‘soul foods’ is people tend to totally fall off the wagon and go into that ‘screw it’ mode and eat far too much of it and potentially un-do all their hard work that week. We want you to eat very small amounts of soul foods as your ‘soul’ needs it – not because you are hungry. Try to have the soul food as a snack and only 1-2 serves of it max and not as a meal. You did a great job by asking and if this is something you regularly do try to reflect back on it and see how you might be able to make it a bit better next time so you are still nourishing your body but also giving your ‘soul’ a little something too. Try not to think of it as a ‘soul food night’ and rather a small soul food snack to replace another snack. I would recommend going back and re-reading the soul food handout. No reason you can’t have pizza & wine together but perhaps for next time 1 slice of pizza, a large side salad with a serve of protein and 1 glass of wine only would be much better to keep you on track with a sustainable lifestyle. I hope this makes sense and I appreciate you are learning as you go so good on you for speaking up and checking in with what you are going. Healthy sustainable habits can take weeks/months to build so you are doing a wonderful job so keep it up! Love Leanne x