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Leanne Ward

Hi Lucia, Thanks for your message, Great that you feel results already! We are not saying that you can’t see results, we just don’t want our ladies to focus entirely on weight loss (especially only after a week!). We are filming a video on fat loss science for week 3 which will help explain some of the results we are looking for after 12 weeks and why we should’t expect too much weight loss initially (we know from science that the slower the weight loss, the better as the results are more sustainable!). In regards to your soul food, M&Ms sit under ‘chocolate’ so 40g is your soul food amount for M&Ms. Make sure you are only choosing your soul food a few times a week (max) and that it replaces a snack option (not additional too). Good luck with week 2, you’re doing great so far and we hope the recipes are super tasty and filling – our goal is for your body to be constantly nourished with amazing food so your cravings are minimal and you never feel too hungry. Leanne x