by Leanne Ward

After 15 months and 6 successful LLL rounds, Leanne and Angie have decided to discontinue LLL. Thank you for being a part of the program. Your journeys have been a privilege to witness. 

Our vision was to run a program that empowered and educated women to show them that health doesn’t need to be boring or restrictive. With your support, we feel like we have achieved that. While we continue to be extremely passionate about this, we feel that, with our other pursuits, we can no longer provide the hands-on oversight, interaction, recipe creation and personalisation this program needs and deserves.

Essentially, we reached a point where, if the program were to continue, it would require significant investment to grow and scale. To ensure a level of service acceptable to us, we would need a team of experts and an IT overhaul. We deliberated over what to do and decided it’s not feasible with our current commitments. Although this saddens us, we will continue to stay close friends and pursue our personal missions through our separate businesses.

Over the next week you will start to see the LLL social media pages removed and website closed. Although this is the end of the LLL journey, please stay in touch with us through our personal businesses Leanne Ward Nutrition  (@the_fitness_dietitian) and iPerformance Nutrition (@iperformance_nutrition) for new and exciting projects we will be taking on in the near future.